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Faro CNC International Services
Pigreco is the powerful and easy-to-use CAD-CAM program featuring several useful 2-3D functions: the main ones are: import of files, bitmaps and logos in many different formats, extensive editing and conversion features, comprehensive text capabilities, technical drawing, creation of matrix with .txt import, batch processing, generation of tracing, profiling, emptying and drilling routines with simulation, management of tool database.
It is fully developed by Faro srl, and has many important features on a completely renewed graphic interface.

SKIPPER is the Control Software of the Faro machine tools. Its main features are: import of the jobs generated with either Sestante, PiGreco from Faro or any other CAM as ISO G-M-code program, definition of the origin for the machining process, tool preset, change in real-time of the axes rapid & feedrate and spindle speed set in the program, and much more
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At Faro International we are fully committed in supplying customized and innovative solutions to the leading manufacturers of unique jewelry items, fine optical parts, fashion eyewear and precise dental restorations.
Our services include: pre- and after-sale consulting; sale of state-of-the-art machine tools; installation, training and start-up at Customerís place; online remote service; supply of original consumables; technological turnkey packages and custom training courses to dental labs.